Hotmail Phone Number

Hotmail account is basically the account that is the older version of the official account of the Microsoft company i.e outlook. To get the access to this mailing service you need to first of all create an account on the home page of the outlook.The company also provides the Hotmail phone number to help the users.

Now if you use this Hotmail account then you may feel that it has also got many issues attached with its working.

Hotmail Customer Service

  • The Hotmail issues and the ways to resolve them is mentioned in the steps below:-
  • Like if you are not able to login to the Hotmail account then the issue may be with the password of the Hotmail account- for that if you have forgotten the Hotmail account password then you need to recover it
  • If the issue is that the service is down and it is not loading – then in that case you need to first of all check for the internet connection followed by checking for the settings of the account
  • If this also not solves the problem then you need to wait for the company to take some action and solve the problem
  • Many times the problem with the syncing of the account on certain device also occurs- then this is the problem that could be resolved by changing certain syn settings of the device

In case of further trouble try to contact the Hotmail customer service phone number

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