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Google Pixel is a smartphone which is developed and maintained by Google or Alphabet, that is the parent company of Google. Google Pixel is a flagship device of Google Inc and is one of the best and most popular smartphones in the world. Since its inception in the year 2013, Google Pixel has always kept the market abuzz about its features and looks. Along with Google Pixel smartphones, Google also manufactures tablets and Laptops under the Google Pixel flagship name.

All Google Pixel devices are well known for its hardware as well as software used. They use large storage, Qualcomm processor which enables faster processing, high definition cameras when it comes to photos. Also, Google is committed to its customers on the customer service front and the company makes sure that its customers are always answered all their queries. Google maintains an altogether different platform to address queries of the customers. You can contact Google Pixel customer service via phone number or via chat as well.

How to transfer photos from Google pixel to computer

Transferring your photos and videos from Google Pixel device to your computer

Google Pixel has a HD camera that clicks awesome photos. Now in order to keep backup of all photos, you can use two ways. You can either transfer your pictured to your Google Drive account or you can wish to transfer you photos to your personal computer. You can use both option as described below:

1)      To transfer you pictures online on Google Drive, simply select the photos and then choose share option in the options list.

2)      Under the share option, choose Google Drive.

3)      Depending upon the size of the pictures and the transfer speed available through the internet, your pics will be transferred to Google Drive where you can access them anytime you want

4)      If you wish to transfer your photos to your Computer, simply connect your Laptop or Computer with your Google Pixel device and let the device be used as a USB device.

5)      Now go to Computer and search for the Google Pixel icon.

6)      Under that, click on Pictures folder and select all the pictures to be copied.

7)      Copy the pictures to the desired folder in your computer.

8)      Your pictures will be copied to that location.

Google Pixel Customer Service Phone Number

If you have any issue while using any feature of your Google Pixel device, you can simply call at Google Pixel customer service phone number. All your queries will be addressed within a stipulated time frame.

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