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Google is one of the famous brand that is designed by the google inc so that the users can simply use it for the purpose of various job like using its browser or using the other products or the mailing service . So just in case you are looking for the webmailing service that could really prove to be useful for your personal life as well as the formal life then you have to simply try to use gmail service. You can easily do the Google account recovery in case you forget the account email address or the password. You will realize after using this service that it is really a service that you can think of using for long run since it is highly easy to use and totally free of cost service that comes with a number of alluring features. Simply use all of them and enjoy this glitches free mailing service.

How to Recover Google Account password ?

In order to answer this question you have to read the simple Google account recovery steps mentioned below:-

  • in order to get back your account password you have to simply open your browser and there you need to browse for Recover Google account password
  • Once you do so then you will be able to reach the Google Account Recovery page.
  • So there you have to simply type your email address of the Google for which you wish to do the recovery.
  • After that you have to press the next button followed by opting for the method to get the verification code.
  • You can choose to get it on your recovery mail or on your recovery phone number.
  • Once you get that code than you just need to type it and you will be forwarded to a page where you can easily set a new Google Account password.
  • So just produce a new password for yourself and you are done. Now you can login to your account with the help of that new password.

How to recover my Google account for Android phone

This will help the individual to get the deleted account back if you are using Android in the following way in others following steps will help to Google account recovery for Android phone , important think to notice is that it should be done in three weeks span

  •   In the web page one needs to type
  •  Type the complete email address which should be for the account you want to recover
  •  Click on Attempt to restore this account
  •  You will be require to type the password and hit next
  •  On this page you will get the message after reading the same click on continue

By taking the steps which are mentioned above, one will able to get the account which was deleted and hence recover my Google account for Android phone is done successfully

How to Recover Google account without recovery email

Procedure to Recover Google account  :

  • If you don’t have access to your alternative email account, you can use this simple procedure to recover your Google account.
  • For this procedure, you are required to launch the Google account recovery page.
  • After that, you need to enter your Google account id in the provided field and click on Next.
  • Then, you are required to click on Forgot password link to recover your Google account.
  • Thereafter, you will be provided with the recovery option where you need to select send code on phone number option.
  • After that, you will receive a code on the phone number linked to your Google account.
  • Then, you need to enter the code in the provided field and click on Next to recover Google account without recovery email.
  • Once the verification process is finished, you can easily create a new password for your Google account.

And with the completion of this process, your Google account is recovered easily. So, whenever you forgot your password, you can use this procedure to recover Google account password. Further, for this process you can also reach out to Google account recovery support

Google Account Recovery Phone Number

And just in case you feel that you are not able to recover the password by following the above method then you can surely do it by some other means as well. So simply try to know those other ways by calling the techies from the company. Just dial the Google account recovery phone number. You will get all the required information by doing so.

Google Account Recovery Page Verify Identity

Google is one of the most leading service providers in almost every field, whether it be services of email, backup, photos, videos, navigation or web search engine. And if in a scenario like this, your GOOGLE account gets into the hands of someone else, you really don't need any more trouble than you already have in you life. In this case, what comes in use is the google account recovery page verify identity. Once your account is hacked there are a lot of ways through which you can recover your account.

One of the efficient ways of recovering your account is with the help of your personal credentials. Not everyone knows everything about you, although in the age of social media advancing at such rate, almost anyone who is connected to you on any of your social accounts might have a lot of information related to you.

Google Account Recovery Date of Birth

One of the ways to recover your google account is with the help of your personal details, and one of which is your 'Date Of Birth.' You can easily access your account once again with the help of your DOB via below mentioned ways -

  • Try to log in to your account first.
  • If the details seem invalid, go to forgot password
  • In the option of how to recover, go to Other ways.
  • You'll find one of the option which states that you can recover your account with the help of inputting your date of birth.
  • Input your date of birth and then it will redirect you to the page where you can change your password.

In the above mentioned ways, you can recover your google account recovery date of birth easily.

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