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Apple Safari – it is a browser developed by Apple which works on web kit engine, it is a default browser on all Apple devices however the windows version is now discontinued , it keeps on getting updated and the same has to be done by the individual although can be done easily, however it quite extensively used there can  be some concerns also associated when it is brought in use which can be taken care either at an individual’s end by taking some actions or in adverse situations one can look for the help from the Apple Safari customer service

Apple Safari browser issues - as already we know that it is widely used there can be some common also associated with it which are as following –

Safari is running slow – clear browser cache for the same one has to remove the history which can be done in the following way

  •  Go to privacy section of Safari preferences
  •  Look for the option Remove All Website data and hit on details
  •  Look for the site and remove the same

 In order to do it manually taking the steps as followed

  •     Click on preferences on Safari
  •     Hit the advanced tab
  •    Enable the show develop menu
  •    From the options hit on develop
  •    Finally select the empty caches

  Safari is not responding – then the individual has to look out the way of force shut down and the restart after some time as it help you for better searches  

  •  One often comes across the problem of perfecting which can be taken care by disabling them if you are on a web which have thousand of links to resolve it can be taken care by taking few steps
  •    Open the web and enter –boolean false and hit enter and if the individual feels the issue has been resolved or the Safari is responding better that means this has worked or otherwise one can seek help from the Apple Safari technical support phone number

How to enable cookies in Apple safari

Cookies are saver as they help to save the memory of your device for your future reference , cookies also contain some personal information as username , password , address and so forth  which can be enabled I the following way

  • Initially click on safari on your device
  •   Once it is opened click on edit from the options available click on preferences
  •    Hit on privacy from the menu which is listed above
  •    In the privacy click on the options as per the preference
  •  Never – this will third  parties that cannot have your information
  •   Always – this have your information accessed to the sites you visit and not to the third parties
  • · Click on the close button to save the changes

Apple Safari customer service number

keeps the details and the usage in mind Safari is completely  user friendly which can be used easily , however there can be some concerns which needs to be dealt by the specific team , one can seek that help by dialing the Apple Safari customer service number , the live expert will hear the concern will tell the reason  why the issued is being faced and what can be done to overcome the same however the individual can ask for the remote access for the same and can find the quickest solution , one can also look for the solution on the website too which might also can come handy 

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