Browser Technical Support

it is also known as Web browser which is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web and information resource is identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier which can be a web page , image , video or other content , in order to navigate the browser Hyperlinks are used .The most popular web browsers are Chrome, Edge , Safari , Opera and Firefox , as it is used excessively there are times when one can have problems with the same which can be entirely taken care by the browser technical support through various means

Issues related to browser – one can also face the issue with the particular blog because of browser which can be identified as following

·    The content are in the Visual editor is blank and the text is only visible when one switch to the text editor

·    Add Media option is not opening

·    Icons not getting load on visual editor

·    Words underlined with links to ads

The individual can confirm the browser issue by switching to an alternative browser it can be solved by disabling add-ons, changing the internet settings clearing the browser and cache and simply by refreshing the page

·  Force refresh – which will help the individual in rechecking the browser and one can ensure that the latest version is being used

·  Clearing the browser cache – in cache stores the temporary copy of the files which is indeed needed to display once you clear which will bring all the files from the website again hence you will be able to see the latest version

· Clearing cookies – if you  are facing some concern with the blog hence you ensure that the cookies are enabled

Browser customer service

if the individual is still not able to get the solution for the concern on can go on the website click on the browser for which the concern is being faced and then click on the specific concern as the assistance is provided 24*7  in order to get the solution instant and one can also seek help from the live expert by calling or through the live chat 

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