Safari not working on Mac

What you should do to fix Apple Safari not working on Mac!

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple incorporation for Mac and also for iOS devices and if you are getting the issue of Apple safari not working on mac, due to any of the reason like safari extensions, internet plug -ins, or any other add -ons not working properly, then, all you need to do is go through following steps to troubleshoot the issue:

Safari not working

Turn off the Safari extensions. With following steps, you can turn off the Safari Extensions and check which of the extension causes the issue:

Choose Preferences from the Safari menu.

Select an extension from the list by clicking on the extension icon.

Click on the Enable Checkbox and turn off the extension.

After deselecting the Enable Checkbox of an extension, check if Apple Safari works, if it does not, then, deselect checkbox of another extension and check if Safari is going to work, if it does not, deselect one by one the check box and you need to keep all the extensions off which cause trouble and remove the extension.

Check which internet plug -ins and other add -ons cause problem by going through following steps:

Quit Safari.

Open following library folders:

The Library folder which is located at the top level of hard drive.

Open the Library folder from hard drive.

Open the folder from Finder:

                          > Choose Go.

                          > Go to Folder

                          > Type /Library.

                          > Click on Go.

In the Library folders you can see following folders for add -ons. When safari not working, you are required to move any files which are located within these folders to the Trash.

Safari not Responding

If the issue of safari not responding

gets resolved after removing the files from these folders , you are required to quit safari again. Consequently, put back files until the file causing the issue has been found:

Open the Trash.

In the trash, you are required to select one of the files that you removed.

>Choose File.

>Select Put back.

The files return to its original folder.

     3. Open Safari and check out if the issue has stopped occurring or not :

         > if the issue occurs again, since you have detected  the add -on causing the issue. All you need to do is avoid to use it or you can simply contact the maker for an updated version.  
Go through above solving techniques to sort out the issue of safari not working.

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