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Many of you want to install SSL certificate but find it difficult to do.If any of you are going through these types of issues, Connect with SSL Certificate team of experts for SSL Certificate installation .Here, you see the guidelines for the installation of the SSL certificate suggested to you:

How to install SSL certificate?

Tap the option to “Browse Certificates.” You can see the list of SSL Certificate List

You should choose a account by using the Browse Account menu, or choose the option of “Browse Apache.”

It is required for you to select the desired certificate.

Click the option to “Use Certificate.” The computer will automatically populates the text boxes.

When the domain does not use a specific dedicated IP address,there is need to choose an IP address from the menu of IP address

Even, if you purchased SSL certificate,it is required for you to complete the Certificate Authority Bundle text box. When the computer will not populate this text box with information, you should contact the organization from which you have purchased the certificate.

Click the option of “Install.” and the process will be completed

How to install SSL certificate in cpanel?

It is first required for you to login to cPanel.

Tap the option of SSL/TLS Manager, and then “Certificates.”

You are required to generate, view or upload and delete SSL certificates.

By using the option of “Upload a New Certificate section” ,you should click the “Browse” button and should locate the SSL Server Certificate file your_domain_com.txt.

Click the option to “Upload” button.

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