How to Host a website on windows server 

Hosting Guide for the Website on Windows Server

Hosting a website is not an arduos task if you know the right process of doing so. No w just in case you own a website and you are looking for the ways to host it by yourself then you need to note that you are on the very right page.

The steps mentioned below gives you all the steps that you need to follow in order to know how to host a website on windows server:-

The very first step that you neded to follow is to go to the system drive followed by pasting the files of the website in a brand new folder.

After that you just need to open the server manager dashboard on to your device followed by going to the tools option.

After that you have to go to the internet information services i.e IIS and then you have to simply stop the default website that is basically using the port 80.

once you have done that then you need to first of all expand the sites followed by right clicking on the default website.

After reaching this point you just need to click on the manage website option followed by tapping on the stop button.

Then you just have to right click on the sites followed by clicking on the add website option.

Once you have done that then you just need to provide the site name as well as the physical path to inetpub the folder followed by clicking on the ok button.

After that you have to choose an IP address for the purpose of binding followed by choosing the http protocol and a host name.

And then you need to leave the start website immediately cheked followed by clicking on the ok button.

Then at the end you have to create an entry in order to map the host name to IP and you are done.

This is the simple process that you have to follow in order to How to Setup website at window server by yourself.

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