How to change Youtube username on iphone 

Products of Apple are the most demanded product in the digital world. Apple is the name in very individual mouth who are technology savvy. Among all the Apple iPhone products, iPhone is the most preferred and used device. It is almost in hands of every individual in India and majorly in the elite class people. Purchasing iPhone is easy but using is still difficult for many individuals and therein where they are in need of the tutorials to support and assist themselves and resolve the issue. On other hand, YouTube has become a very demanding channel. It is preferred by individuals as they can check any available videos online. Not only that, the individual can upload their own videos and become popular. Uploading in YouTube from the iPhone is still possible but individuals do face problem in changing YouTube channel name from their iPhone device.

To change YouTube Username from iPhone, the user first need to first

  • Go to Youtube app on their iPhone
  • And tap on account to open the channel and then on the channel’s icon
  • Then select settings on the channel page
  •  And edit
  • Then type in the new name for the channel
  •  And select Ok

This will change the YouTube name successfully. The individual should also remember that the change of the name of the Youtube channel is only possible three times in 90 days. 


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