Google maps voice navigation not working

Fix the Issue of Google Maps Voice not working

Google maps voice navigation is the feature in Google maps which provides the voice help while navigating through the path for destination. But, when you are making navigation and need the help of voice navigation, but you find that there is some issue due to which Google maps voice navigation not working, then, go through following to troubleshoot the issue :

The first and foremost troubleshooting step is to confirm if the volume of your device on which you are using Google map is on. When you start the navigation, turn the volume up.

Once you have confirmed the device volume, just make sure the voice is turned on in the maps app:

Open the Google Maps app on the Android phone or tablet.

Start the navigation.

You can see the Sound button in the top right.

If there is no sound button, then, tap on mute and then sound. This should make Google maps to talk.

Turn the volume up in the Maps app:

      a.  Open the Google maps app in your device.

      b.  Tap on Menu icon.

      c.  Click on Settings.

      d. Click on Navigation settings.

      e. See the voice level.

      f. Choose louder.

Google maps not working

Try these troubleshooting steps to fix the issue of Google maps not working. Google maps has become an important entity in the world of today and has made it easy to navigate through the places. You can search the alternate routes and before navigating through a route you can see the traffic situation and can also find the alternative routes to your destination and go accordingly. It is fallacious to move into the world without Google maps.

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