Gmail not receiving emails

Are you finding difficulty while Gmail not receiving emails and sending emails?if there will wrong labelling or other associated errors,it results in sending your emails in someone else's mailbox or you cannot be able to send messages.When you are finding such issues,you should see that whether they had been send or addressed to the right person or not.If you are entering the wrong address or using some special characters,it may cause this kind of sending and receiving email error.
Here, you can find solution to some of the important errors:

Why Gmail not sending emails?

If you want to send an email to the recipient but getting issues,you need to check if you have entered the wrong password.When the emails are coming back to you and not going to the recipient end,you need to go by certain best guidelines:

  • Check whether the connection time has been out
  • You need to see if the individual to whom you are sending email,his/her server has accept the request to turn on or not
  • There is need to  limit the number of recipients if you are sending emails to several of them
  • You should take care that whether any special character has been used by you or not
  • You should check if the Send button is working properly or it has been got unresponsive

Why Gmail account not receiving emails?

Gmail not receiving some emails:-

  • Check if there is problem with the internet
  • You need to go into spam items whether the email is there or not
  • Also, you need to delete the email items that are not important to you
  • You need to check if you have blocked the specific email address to which you are sending emails

You can find other major issues that can be responsible for the email delivering problems. If you will check the Google help website for getting the information about the type of wrong circumstances associated with your account,you will get everything and there will not be any trouble while doing that.For sending and receiving email errors,you may explore the solution against different forums where customers have asked frequent technical questions.

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