How to recover my Facebook account through friends?

Do you know you can recover your Facebook account through friends? Facebook makes it possible for the globally spread users. Using the default method is the most reliable way for recovering a lost or hacked Facebook account password, but other ways are these that can help you in recovering an account. Today we will be talking about the steps of recovering Facebook password without a phone number or email address. Check out the steps of recovering your Facebook password with the help of friends or family members here!

What are the steps of recovering Facebook account through friends?

  1. Open your preferred web browser
  2. Type in its browsing bar and hit the Enter key
  3. It will open the login window
  4. Here you will be asked to enter the email ID of one of your trusted friends
  5. Your friend will get a security code as soon as you click on the Login icon
  6. Collect that code and enter it
  7. Facebook will now allow you to enter a new password
  8. Make a strong password and enter it twice
  9. Save the changes

How do I recover my Facebook account through a family member?

No problem if you don’t have enough trust in any of your friends. You can also send the recovery code to any of your family members. The Facebook authority allows you to get the lost account by the use of family members. Interestingly, the process of sending recovery code to a family member is similar to the process of sending a recovery code to a friend. So, follow the steps mentioned above. But yes, you are requested to inform him/her before the recovery code is received. This is the answer to your question, how to recover my Facebook account through friends or family member.

How do I talk to the account security officials?

You can also prefer to recover your lost or hacked account by reporting Facebook that the account is compromised. It is a reliable way as per the account security officials elected by Facebook. Navigating Facebook Help Center is another genuine way of recovering the account you seek to recover. However, the final thing you can do for Facebook account recovery is to make a direct conversation with the account security department of the Facebook account recovery phone number team elected by this tech giant.  

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